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About Lockton’s Compliance Services Practice

The world of employee benefits is filled with difficult-to-decipher acronyms, forms, regulations, tax codes and more. Further complicating the administration of employee benefits plans is constant regulatory change. And the icing on the compliance cake is health reform, adding a new layer of complexity to an already challenging industry.

Lockton Benefit Group’s Compliance Services Practice, staffed by full-time, in-house ERISA attorneys, exists to ensure your company’s compliance with the myriad requirements put forth by Congress and various government agencies. We actively monitor a variety of sources to identify and immediately come to grips with developments in the state and federal courts, state and federal legislatures, and regulatory bureaus. We provide you with prompt insight and assistance related to regulatory and other issues that arise under ERISA and non-ERISA welfare benefits plans.

When you’re looking for analysis and advice concerning the full range of employee benefits issues, including guidance on health reform, turn to the Lockton Benefit Group’s Compliance Services Practice. We develop frequent, timely updates, including blog posts, to help you keep up with the rules’ complexities—and the risks and consequences of noncompliance. Subscribe so you see every update!

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